The GeoLab maintains Rowan University’s GIS infrastructure.

Computer Labs

The GeoLab monitors three GIS computer laboratories within Robinson Hall.

  • Robinson 302 is a 24-seat instructional lab.
  • Robinson 315K is a 13-seat open GIS and cartography lab.
  • Robinson 301 is our base of operations and is a restricted-access advanced research lab.


Rowan University has a University-wide site license for the ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop software suite. The GeoLab also has software licenses for ERDAS Imagine and Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office. We also have licenses for the Adobe Creative Suite and SPSS.

We also use open source software, including QGIS, GDAL/OGR, Mapserver and GeoServer.

You can monitor our software usage using our license monitoring tool.

GIS Servers

The GeoLab maintains 3 servers for GIS use within the classroom and across campus. is our web server and primary PostgreSQL-backed SDE server. is our Windows-based ArcGIS for Server Advanced 10 server for our research projects. is our Windows-based ArcGIS Server used for testing and student instruction. compass is also our GIS data store, where we keep copies of NJ and worldwide GIS datasets for use in the classroom.

All of our servers are virtual, allowing us to scale resources as needed. They are also rigorously backed up by Rowan NSS.

We also use GIS software, including ArcGIS Server, on Amazon Web Services for specific projects, as needed.