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Service Notice

Thank you for visiting the New Jersey Land Change Viewer! Due to technical changes with the software that underlies this service, many of the original features are no longer functional.

The animated views of land use change are available via our new project, the New Jersey Municipal Asset Profiler. As it develops, the new NJ MAP framework will include many of functions of the New Jersey Land Change Viewer. We hope that this service provides a useful resource for the citizens, municipal and state officials, and organizations concerned with the landscape conditions and changes across the state of New Jersey.

If you would like to view land use change maps and metrics for a specific New Jersey municipality, you can search for the municipality below.

Type in the box above to locate a municipality.

The New Jersey Land Change Viewer has now been depreciated and is no longer available. Launched in 2010, it provided visual evidence of the landscape changes from 1984 to 2007 across New Jersey, organized into several topical themes. The interactive, animated web maps were developed by the Geospatial Research Lab in the Department of Geography and Environment at Rowan University. Please visit our new project, the New Jersey Municipal Asset Profiler that will continue our efforts to map the changing landscapes of the Garden State. For more information about our project and team, please visit the NJ MAP project team page.

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