The New Jersey Municipal Asset Profiler (NJ MAP) connects people to data. Our mission is to help towns to actualize sustainability goals through facilitating innovative access to environmental and planning data. The vision of NJ MAP is to make the vast amount of environmental GIS data produced across the state easily accessible and understandable to the local level stakeholders who may not have GIS expertise but often make the most significant decisions regarding the environmental impacts.

Our goal is to empower citizens, practitioners, and government officials with the tools and information to understand local conditions and to plan proactively for the future. Though decision-making is often conducted locally in our home-rule state, the effects and implications of land use changes have impacts across region. NJ MAP delivers information on a local level through themes that are standardized across all municipalities in order to facilitate regional coordination. With 565 municipalities in New Jersey, NJ MAP better enables communities to prepare and respond to changing demands at the local level.