GIS and Cartography Services

Desktop GIS

You are allowed to install ArcGIS Desktop 10 on your office workstation. Your use of the GIS software is subject to our University-wide license agreement with the software provider, ESRI. Your use of the software is monitored through the license manager.

Campus and Regional Maps

Contact us if you need hard-copy maps of the campus or the surrounding region. We produce large-format maps of the campus that can be mounted to foam core presentation board.

Campus  Map, arch E size

September 2010 Campus Map

An Arch E size (48″ by 36″) map encompassing all of Rowan’s main campus, Rowan Boulevard, Shpeen Hall and areas of interest around campus. The campus GIS data is superimposed on a June 2010 satellite image of the area. All of the campus facilities, parking lots and local streets are labeled.

Download the Campus Map (1MB PDF)
Please note this is a sample. The actual print-quality PDF is approximately 80MB.

Access to this document is limited to on-campus connections. Due to licensing issues, this map is for internal use only. Please contact the GeoLab to order a printed copy on foam board.

More campus maps are in development and will be posted here after passing our review process.

Web Mapping

The Geospatial Research Lab can host your custom web mapping application. For examples of currently hosted web mapping applications, please see our projects page.

GIS Applications

We develop GIS applications for on-campus use. Contact the GeoLab for information and we will arrange a meeting with your department to develop your custom GIS application.