Seward Johnson collection at Rowan

portrait of the artist

Double Take: The Works of Seward Johnson is a public art exhibition which brings 10 life-sized bronze sculptures from Johnson's "Man on the Street" collection to the Rowan University campus this fall. By capturing human gesture in bronze, Seward Johnson creates a sculptural experience that everyone can enjoy. His work celebrates mini-heroics, drawing attention with lifescale bronze people reclaiming their humanness.

"What I'm trying to do is draw attention to the simple pleasures, to show how much fun life is. That's why there are so many humorous details in my work."
- Seward Johnson


GIS Education at Rowan

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a rapidly progressing technology that combines the power of maps with the power of a computer database. GIS is utilized in many applications from environmental management to marketing to emergency services. At Rowan, GIS is taught in the Department of Geography and Anthropology and projects are developed in the Geospatial Research Lab (GeoLab).

In order to create this GIS-based mapping of the Seward Johnson collection, students utilized GPS-enabled digital cameras to take hundreds of photos that were subsequently combined to form a three-dimensional photo collage. The project, developed by John Reiser’s Geovisualization class creates a virtual experience of this marvelous collection.

photograph of class